It Tastes Like Poverty ! New single released today!

Good morning, you cunts ! It's been a while since i have updated this site... Maybe it's time to give this page a bit of a make over... blah. Anyway, today is August 19th, and in celebration of 10 years of obscurity and commercial failure, it seemed only fitting to release a song and a video to commemorate those ten years. I give unto you all, "It tastes like Poverty"... And yes. There will likely be a new album on the way... Don't ask when, because i don't know...

Death before delusion is available !

Good morning to all you wonderfully filthy scumbags out there ! Today is the day.Death before delusions, volume 1 and 2 have finally been released ! It took what seems like ages to finally complete these works, but at long last, here they are. You can stream the album for free, as well for a limited time download the album for free from our bandcamp page, just click HERE. Or click on either title to buy directly from our reverbnation store. In the coming weeks, the albums will be made available on, as well as Itunes... 

Trainwreck released!

Surprise, surprise ! We have just released our 13th album !

This actually came as a surprise, as the album just spontaneously happened in a little under a week. 

Trainwreck is a rock opera, technically it is one 35 minute song. 


It is about a guy who leaves his hometown on an epic quest in search of weed, and stumbles upon amazing things. 

It is available for free download in any format you'd like, so head over the the above link and grab it. Hard copies will be available in a few weeks through Amazon, and reverbnation.

Updates... Trainwreck is now available on Itunes ! 


Good morning all you scurvey bastards ! 

A few new things going on over here in Cats land... 

Sadly, for reasons of musical differences, we have parted ways with Emil... 

Don't worry, we still love him, and apreciate all he has done during his time in the band.

Long story short, we are filthy people, playing filthy music, with very little commercial value. 

A good introduction to the American independent music scene, as we were the first band he had joined upon moving to the states, but he moved over here from Bulgaria for fuck's sake, hoping to find success in the music world. And god bless him for that... But success and CDHS have never been friends...  So that said, it seemed like the right thing to do to cut him free, as in the end, we simply did not want to waste his time and effort. 

Matt and I do wish to express our sincere thank's to you Emil for a great job done, and we wish you much luck, and success in all you do. You are an immense talent, and have helped whoop us into shape more than you know, and for your dedication, we are truly grateful for having the opportunity to rock with you. 

Moving forward, we do have a new member, however, at this moment I cannot specify his identity, so I will leave it as a surprise wua ha ha !



I feel inclined to plug a fellow artist, writer and like minded fellow, so to all you bookworms out there, I would like to turn ya'll onto a new book I just stumbled upon. Ok... Fine... I didn't stumble upon it, it was written by a good homie of mine, who I've known since about 2006. 

When I first met him all those years ago, it was from an art/writing forum that he was running. Back in the day, he had a different angle, then again so did I. We had lost touch for a few years, and strangley enough, when we did again meet back up, we found that we had followed similar paths with our art.. (which back in the day was a bit more inward... and at times just mad *Some epic rap battles were had back in those days.)

That said, this here is my review of his latest work, ANTIFA.


Andy Carrington is a working class guy I can relate to on a multitude of levels. 

A normal every day guy who finds himself becoming  sick and tired as ludicrous levels of bigotry, racism and nationalism become the norm all around.. .  I recently picked up his book, 'Antifa', a collection of poems, prose, thoughts and rants that tears right into what seems to be plaguing not only the UK where he hails from, but much of the corporate owned world. Yeah. I said corporate owned world. And that's what it is. 


Whether he is digging in on the publications consumed, eaten and absorbed by the low information public (Sell your lies), arguing with a hired killer over who is really ruining the country (Things that were said to an Ex-Armed forces friend) or shitting on the chests of Racists, nazis, and occasionally crossing the pond to let some of that dook cover the faces of the hypocritical American empire, Mr. Carrington goes in. A bit brash at times, but how could one really expect someone to pour sugar on such unsavory topics anyway? 


This is reality, and while he generally speaks in regard to the suburbs of Bradford, and surrounding UK area, the topics are universal. The focus is primarily upon the nationalistic, anti immigrant and racist aspects of fascism, although he stabs away at the consumer/tv culture that has been pissed down the throat of we the peasants by the ruling class, as a way to pacify our souls through buying shit we don't need, as well as getting trapped in web upon web of debt through credit card dreams...


He tells all, and I must say, has a huge set of balls for doing it, as he tells the story of his first job working for a credit card solicitation company, admitting the dehumanization that he felt in the process. But have no worries, as he is no sell out, and that was something early on in his life.. Like a boss, he gave the company the finger. However much he may admit he is a part time skin, in some ways his asthetic reminds me of the SHARPS here at home, which is a respectable thing if you ask me. A working class guy, struggling to survive, while fighting for what he KNOWS to be true.  His rage is executed in his works, and the world very much needs that. Ideas will last longer, and influence more minds than throwing bricks through windows,stomping biggoted assheads, or lynching sociopathic political whores (Not that I object to these things),But Andy excels at thinking, and as such it only makes sense that he should plant some seeds for the benefit of all.


In his words you can feel the discomfort of living in a world that seems to be following the path of least resistance. The anger of feeling like one of the few homosapians you know to actually have any morality, or rational thought. To live in A country divided and manipulated. Much like my own. And looted at the expense of the people. Much like my own. 



May has thus far been a good month. With the three of us taking a much needed break, things are winding down a bit... At last... time to take care of things that need to be taken care of, and regroup at some point later in the summer... Maybe get an album out by October.... if the universe is willing anyway.... 

In the meantime, my good friend, anti fascist activist, and author of tons of books Andy Carrington just wrote a killer review on our record Puppet show...  Coming from a guy like him, that means a lot. To give you a quick run down, homie is the real deal. Homie has got nazis, fascists and right wingers in such pissy fits, that he frequently recieves death threats from cunt hate groups. Please check out his work, grab some of his books, sign up on the forum (participation is encouraged !), and independent artists are supported... provided they aren't fascist prick bags, racists, nationalists, homophobes etc...

Also, Matt and I would both like to thank Chris Cappadozy from Nixons spirit for filling in for Emil as we played the move fest this past April, as well as my brother Sean for doing all our drugs.

In other exciting news, we have a ton of new videos from the past few shows that I promise will be edited and posted at some point in the near future, once I get off my lazy ass and do it....
As well, Mr. Beast is currently working on a video project for our most recent album, Painting the sky blue.

That is the news and weather for now... Stay black yall'



High !

Hey everybody, it is now April. We all know what April is, so please remember to hit your bong everyday. 4/20 is coming up fast, and I seem to be making rapid progress in the current list of projects to tackle. The Dear Television remixes are done, and being uploaded at this very moment to both our Amazon store, and our reverbnation stores. Painting the Sky blue is all set for release on 4/20,  and the covers album should (hopefully) be released the same day.  So what the hell do you think of that? New music to jive to while smoking weed all day. 

And of course, not to forget, we are playing move music festival a few days later, on April 27th, so make sure to bring your asses out to that. It is going to be a damn interesting time. Chris Capadozy from Nixons Spirit will be filling in for Emil on bass duties, while Emil is away in Bulgaria for a few weeks... We're such bassist thieves. 

But all is well, the set list sounds good, and after 2 practices, Cappy has most of the setlist nailed down. So,  Fuckin' A. Let us rock. 




New releases !

Happy Pi day everybody. Lot's of big news going on in CDHS land, I suppose I really should update this page a little bit more....

So the first interesting bit is, we have 2 new releases on the way...  Both are finished, just waiting on the artwork...  The first release is a 7 song EP entitled "Painting the sky blue".  It will be the first of a new batch of albums and eps to be released in the coming months,. I feel it is a pretty well focused and tight disc with some more familiar sounding stuff, as well as some new surprises. 


The second release, is a 6 song covers ep. That's right folks. Covers. Who'da thunk it? I guess after seven years of doing this, it was finally time to pay homage to some of the artists who were inspirational to the Cats sound... With songs by Skinny Puppy, Rush, Pink Floyd, Body count, The Misfits and Type O Negative, it was definitely a fun disc to record. So, as soon as it is available for sale, which will be soon, definitely pick that up. I promise we didn't butcher them too much. 

In other news, the shows just won't let up. In the past seven months we've been going pretty hard. The past two shows at Valentines, I would say have been a great success, and we are glad to say the crowds have been growing substantially, and seem to be enjoying themselves. 

Back in Febuary we played with Nixons Spirit for the first time in 2 years, at what was to be their farewell show, however by some strange miracle, it turned into their reunion/we're back show.. For that I am very happy, as that means more chaotic drunken  shows with them in the future ! Whoooot !!  It was also the unveiling of Dead Bird New Year, a band I am working on and with as producer and guitarist alongside frontman Jonny Rose. Like many of the early Cats shows, it was a discombobulated mess, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Jonny might differ on that however...That said, there will be a DBNY release in the near future, although unlike Cats, it is a very different situation, and as such, the writing and recording process seems to take a little longer. But that will be out soon. 

Also, just last week we played Valentines once again, this time with our good friend Rob Eaton and his group The Eleven project, as well as Progressive metal band Evolution. Once again, and excellent turn out, and a lot of beer drinking did ensue. Good times, if I do say so myself. 


In future events, We will be playing the Move music festival right here in Albany which is pretty fucking rad.  For the first time ever, we are being lumped in with all the other "cool" bands in Albany... Who the hell saw that coming? 

And what the fuck?!! Emil will be headingout of the country on a trip to his homeland of Bulgaria the fucking week of. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back... But never to fear, as we have Chris Cappadozi of Nixons Spirit stepping in that week to hold down the bass duties. 

Anyway, that is the news and the weather for now, hope everyone is doing well... 


Hapy fuckin' new year!

Happy fucking new year everyone. It's january 3rd, the day when many of us are finally over those ungodly hangovers. Well 2012 was a drag, let's hope 2013 is better? Optimism... Nahh, it must be those christmas trees I discovered recently..


It was a Christmas miracle. I was cleaning out my car on christmas morning, when I discovered a small red tinted craft bag that seemed to be jam packed with hairy green bud. Fuck knows how long it was sitting there, or how it got there, but loardy bee... It was there, so the Yuletide season, wasn't such a bust. I'll tell you, it's some good shit.

Anyway, There's all sorts of shit going on, so I'll get down to it. .. We will be playing valentines on January 26 with Nixons spirit for the first time in what feels like a long fucking time.... It's always been a lot of fun playing shows with them.. They always turn into rowdy drunken parties. I remember Tim invited us to play with them at Brooklyns Goodbye blue monday, back in 2009 when they were just starting as Nixons spirit... That was also the first show Matt and I had played together... Weird times. I recall getting punched in the face by a drunkard who must have drank himself to hallucination... I, myself at the time was pretty fucked up at the time too, having smoked bible pages blunts, and drinking an entire bottle of wine to the head...

We do have video of the show floating around, but you don't want to see it. Especially not the cover of Ol' Dirty bastards 'Nigga please'... After that show, we just played mad shows together through the years,that were always a fuckin' riot. Even those random thursday night shows where no one wants to go out so you're playing to an empty club. Naturally, we were bummed when we found they had ceased to be... So, yea, the idea of them jamming again and doing at least this coming show is really something I wouldn't suggest anyone missing. .Date and details-> jan 26 2013, 8pm $5 to get in 18+ Funnily enough, Tara promised to heckle us unless we play do the Jesus.. A song we haven't pulled out live for a pretty long time.. While I can't make any promises, I fear no heckling. But while I can't promise to play Jesus...

we I however make an ironic discovery. ... While digging through the net the other day, i cam across our do the jesus video.... Which i thought had been lost for good after i deleted an old youtube channel, way back when only to find that I no longer had a copy on any of my hard drives... Turns out I had a copy hidden away in our soundclick site on the video feature that until lately I never bothered to use.... On the subject of videos, we just added a whole shit ton of live videos up on our youtube page, as well as right here in the video section. Get some while it's hot. Thank's go out to Ryan Adams for filming it, and Mike the Guinea for cleaning up the audio on it.... I haven't uploaded Mikes improved audio yet, as there is a slight time error in synch, so i just wanna snap the audio and video over a hair before copying and uploading...

On the studio front, Dirty laundry studios is full of dirty laundry, the smell of good chronic, and the walls are reverberating with fresh musical ideas... As well as a big time upgrade.. Matts rehersal space just became a recording facility. We just loaded an old beat up PC with most of the same software I have over here ad DL, as well as added an 8 track firewire unit for recording. .. awwwwww shit.

So that's about all the news and the weather for right now. Happy new year to all, new music coming this year..... How much? Who knows... 

dvd in the works

So we have some video at last to share with ya'll... enough to wrap it up into a neat little dvd, just for you all.... stay tuned.

Our first and only radio appearance...

I just dug this up... might be of interest, this was back in 2009 just a short while after Matt joined the band.
They made me play acoustic versions of our songs...  .. I promise to never get embarrassingly drunk again. Really.

CDHS on crumbs